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Sensible choice of parameters to simulate a continuous outcome

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Let’s say you want to make a simulation study to explore Method C (C for cool, because that is the best descriptor of your method). Your method assumes a continuous outcome $Y$ and a linear relationship with the vector $X$ through some coefficients $\beta$. Yes, this is the linear regression setup. You open your favorite coding program and start thinking. Ok, so you start by generating a matrix of covariates $X$. These covariates have a correlation matrix $\Sigma$. You think to yourself, I’m doing great, almost done. You are very proud because you have the mean of $Y$ perfectly specified. The only thing that you need is $\beta$. Is it? Read more

Picture a scientist documentary

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An excellent documentary

I recently watched the documentary Picture a Scientist ( It is about the invisible (and often very visible) barriers that women have when they go into scientific careers. After watching it I was shocked, but not surprised, about the stories and aweful situations most if not all women have to endure. However, at this is not a critic of the documentary, I was also left with the question. What should we do? How do we solve this? What are the short, medium and long term actions that we have to take as a society? I don’t know, but I hope there is plenty of research about it. I’ll look into it. For the moment I’m looking forward for the pannel discussion the School of Public Health at Michigan is going to have on the topic. Read more

A quick thought about inclusive teaching

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A conversation that made me think

I had a fascinating talk today with a peer that sparked in me the idea of inclusive teaching. I mean that an inclusive teacher must develop many channels for students to participate in class. Only having one channel will benefit more those students that feel comfortable participating through that channel. This face of inclusive teaching is getting more common, especially with the increase of technology. Now you can reach out to professors through various methods, and it is not uncommon for them to have several of them available to students. However, I wonder how a teacher/professor can diversely evaluate students so that every student gets assessed so that their strengths shine more than their weaknesses. In all, so that grades reflect the best of all students and not just how well they can perform in a specific way. Read more

I got an internship!

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After few months the search has ended.

I’m going to be an Research Scientist for Eli Lilly Company during 12 weeks over the summer. I’ll be working on simulations to assess methods of data integration for clinical trials. I’m very happy for this opportunity. If you want to read about my journey to get an internship click here Read more



Descifrar el Modelo Centinela

Published in Taller de Datos de la Revista Nexos, 2020

Explaining the Mexican epidemiologic surveillance system of teh SARS-COV-2 pandemic Read more

Recommended citation: Ulloa E, Arroyo J, Gasca N, Lozano-Esparza S, Olivas A, Orozco-del-Pino P. (2020). "Descifrar el Modelo Centinela " Taller de Datos de la Revista Nexos.

Pruebas para detectar covid-19, ¿qué son, cuándo hacerlas y cómo interpretarlas?

Published in Taller de Datos de la Revista Nexos, 2020

This article is about the different test for detecting SARS-COV-2 that were available at the time in Mexico. Which ones to take and how to interpret the results. It was a work from “Mexicano en Estadística y Salud” Read more

Recommended citation: Gasca N, Lozano-Esparza S, Arroyo J, Olivas A, Ulloa E, Orozco-del-Pino P. (2020). "Pruebas para detectar covid-19, ¿qué son, cuándo hacerlas y cómo interpretarlas?." Taller de Datos de la Revista Nexos.

MES is cited by a WHO report

Published in April, 2021

The WHO comissioned the Institute for Global Health Sciences a report on the response of Mexico to the pandemic, one of MES articles was cited on it Read more


Fine Mapping by Variational Mean Field Approximation


In this work we present expressions for the Variational Mean Field Approximation (VMFA) of the model described in Hormozdiari et al. Identifying Causal Variants at Loci with Multiple Signals of Association. Genetics, Vol. 198, 497–508(2014). We claim that the VMFA is not going to compromise accuracy and is going to improve speed on the calculation of the confidence sets of causal variants. Read more


Hobby, , 1900

When the pandemic started I started to spend a lot of time with my kids. All kids have moments you don’t want to forget. Me and Mariana had been writting their moments since my oldest was a few months old. But some of their moments are hard to describe (at least for me) with only words. That is why I decided to start making cartoons about them. I had no idea what I was doing, I still don’t. But it has bring joy to me and my extended family. This has become a big part of me and I want to share it with whomever is interested. Maybe inspire someone to try it for themselves. Read more