My PhD thesis proposal was accepted

Published in May, 2021

The last step to obtain a PhD is to defend your dissertation. However, to ensure that you are not going in circles for a long time there is a previous check in which is the proposal. The objective of the proposal is for the student to lay out the problem it plans to solve in their disseration. This involves to prove extensive knowledge of the literature and deep understanding of the challenges. You are not expected to present solutions to the problem but rather a plan to develop the solution. The most diffcult part is to explain why you expect your solution to work, when you haven't really tried it. Well, I presented my proposal about "Transferability of Polygenic Risk Scores across Ancestral Populations" to my dissertation committee. They had great comments and questions and we had a very good discussion about the challenges, but most importantly they accepted my proposal. This means that now I have to work on my dissertation following the plan I presented in my proposal. I'm very thrilled to keep working towards completing my PhD.