Relationship between drinking and sleeping patterns


Using the Genes for Good data set, we analyzed the relationship between sleep patterns and alcohol consumption. The data had the following challenges: self-reporting, observational, time-dependent, and highly multidimensional (around 0.5M genetic variants plus biometric information). Each participant decides which surveys and how often to answer, limiting the number of people who had enough information about sleep and alcohol consumption. We summarized the genetic data with a weighted average of selected variants using published research on genetics and alcohol consumption. For the time dependence, we use a mixed-effects model with a random effect on the individual and an indicator of the weekend. The outcome was hours of sleep. We included alcohol consumption as an interaction between the number of drinks and type of beverage. The genetic component, the participants’ age, and the number of liquor glasses (as a type of alcohol, not general liquor) showed an association signal.

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